General product information

Specific gravity 4.7 - 4.8 kg / dm3
Brinell hardness 344 HB
Bending strength 5 kN / cm2
Density 4.71 g / cm3
Melting point 1500 °C
Consumption rate 0.02 kg/A year
Current density *1 0.7 A/dm2

*1 depends on environment

Lifetime comparison - Basis: anode current load 5 A

Magnetite anodes under extreme operating conditions

Location Desert
Protected objects Oil well casings
Type of anodes MA - CHAIN  
Installation Deep groundbeds  
Type of groundbed Open hole  
Electrolyte water
Water temperature 45°C

Typical water analysis  after 3 months of operation

ph-value 0.85
Sodium 6000 mg/l
Calcium 1500mg/l
Magnesium 600mg/l
Chloride 8000mg/l
Sulfate 2600mg/l
Total dissolved solids 16000mg/l
Number of groundbeds 312
Number of anodes 4900
Current load per anode 4A
Operating time since 1988
Anode consumption after 5 years 10 - 14%