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Magnetite Anodes for impressed current cathodic protection


Magnetite (Fe3O4) is a natural mineral with good conductivity and a high degree of oxidation which makes the material very resistant to corrosion even at high temperatures. When alloying with small quantities of other oxides under strict controlled melting conditions, an anode with excellent electrochemical as well as mechanical properties can be produced.


The magnetite anode is shaped as a hollow cylinder in order to minimize weight and to facilitate cable connection to the centre of the anode. The centre connection allows for a uniform current distribution over the anode surface.


The inner anode surface is coated with a conductive layer to provide a reliable current connection between cable connector and anode. The interior of the anode is filled with a dielectric compound and sealed with a cap to prevent moisture ingress.




Technical performance during many years of operation under extremely harsh conditions has proven that magnetite is the most reliable anode material for all applications. Independent research institutes have confirmed the outstanding quality of magnetite for anode purpose.



  • No restrictions on DC supply
  • No limitation of supply voltage level
  • Can be used in soil or seawater
  • No effect by different chloride concentrations
  • High resistant against abrasion