Magnetite (Fe3O4) is a natural mineral with good conductivity and a high degree of oxidation that makes it resistant to corrosion even at high temperatures. When alloyed with small quantities of other minerals under controlled conditions, an anode with the optimal electrochemical properties and mechanical strength is produced.

The magnetite anode is casted in hollow cylindrical forms to minimise weight and to facilitate cable to anode connections at the centre of the anode. This centre cable to anode connection allows for a uniform current dissipation at the anode surface.

The surface of the anode in the hollow centre is lined with a layer of lead of optimum thickness and length to provide a highly reliable current conduction between cable connector and anode. The hollow annular space is filled
with a dielectric compound after the cable connection is made and the ends of the anode are sealed with anode caps to prevent ingress of foreign matter.

The magnetite anode performance has been tested throughout the years and confirmed users and several independent research laboratories as well as technical analysists and has proven to be one of the most reliable anode materials.

Quality and value additions:

  • independent series of examinations and selection of castings for the making of the anodes
  • the selection of anode caps and lead materials according to customers specifications and environmental conditions is based on experience
  • impregnable anode cap connections with corrosion resistant material and special welding process
  • special electrical resistance and potential tests to confirm uniform current dissipation without hot spots
  • controlled sealing of anode hollow annular space with selected dielectric compound
  • a full range of accessories for easy installation, inspection and replacement according to customers specified requirements and environmental conditions

Special features:

  • operates at high current densities
  • extremely low dissolution
  • not susceptible to ripple in D.C. supply
  • no ceiling on D.C. voltage output
  • light weight and easy to install, removable for inspection and reinstallment
  • centre cable to anode connection for uniform current distribution and consumption of anode surface