Surrounding electrolyte: chlorine containing soil or stagnant water
Applications:  deep groundbeds open hole, deep groundbeds closed hole, water tanks

for carrying load of fixing device > 1.10 kN

This special type of magnetite anode chains are used for deep well anode groundbeds, both open hole and close hole.

As open hole anode groundbed they can be used in conjunction with non-conductive slotted casing without backfill but can also be used in close hole groundbeds with coke backfill material in case of unstable or non existing static water level.

All parts of anodes, anode chains and suspension devices are made of material resistant against low ph value, high chloride content of water and high concentration of chlorine gas.

Each anode is centre connected to the cable using copper compression clamp and a bronze connection spring. The internal space is filled with a two component mixture of polyurethane and polyester.

Each anode chain has one individual lead cable connection ready for fixing on suspension device inside groundbed head structure.

Diameter 60 mm
Total length 740 mm
Effective length 600 mm
Total weight 6.2 kg
Min. effective mass 4.7 kg
Surface area 11.3 dm²
Max. current load (groundbeds) 6.0 A
Max. current load (tanks) 16.0 A